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 –  U R B A N  J A R S  H A L I F A X  –


Hey there!



We are so excited to bring Urban Jars to the East Coast!

We are a low-waste business committed to bringing nutritious and delicious prepared food into your full life. We want to help our community spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you love, while eating well! Urban Jars are made fresh each week and delivered to your home or place of work. Our *colourful* jars stay fresh for 7 days and are fully customizable, ensuring that any food sensitivity, allergy, or dislike is carefully considered. We source locally whenever possible because supporting local is an important value of ours in both our business and personal lives.

With 2 young children, a dog, and a full-time and part-time job between the two of us (aside from UJH), we understand what it is like to be busy! But we strive to maintain balance in our lives and are so excited to have the opportunity to help you do the same. Meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking all take time and mental energy but with Urban Jars Halifax, we share the weight of that with you!

When we aren’t making your meals, you’ll find us crafting (Shannon) and thrifting (Karly) or getting outside to enjoy our beautiful province! When we are making your meals, you’ll find us singing Hamilton or Encanto, laughing at everything, and appreciating the fact that we can get through a conversation without multiple interruptions, interjections, and questions from our favourite little people.

We can't wait to make your meals!

Love Karly & Shannon

Our Brand

est. 2015

“The way we spend our time defines who we are.”

- Jonathan Estrin

Ordering is open on Sunday and Monday for delivery each Friday!

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